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2018 USGA Handicap System™Club Compliance Checklist and Education Assessment


All golf clubs must submit a response for the 2018 USGA Handicap System Club Compliance Checklist and Education Assessment.  

After entering your golf club information, the first section is completion of the Club Compliance Checklist. The final section contains 5 sample situations where you will be asked to provide the best course of action  your Handicap Committee may need to take for a similar situation at your golf club. 

The Education Assessment is designed to allow for critical thinking on the implementation of the USGA Handicap System at your golf club.  The assessment is not pass/fail, but rather the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses. This exercise will also help you pinpoint any areas in which you may need educational support. Take as much time as necessary and use the links provided for educational materials specific to the question. 

*This assessment should take approximately 15 minutes.